Raspberry pi 0w

This version in under build (05/2018) and clearly not finalized. But this wiki will be used to capitalize the work done for sharing in full opensource mind and way to work/live.

The objective of this version is to use a really known component : the raspberry Pi. We will focus only in one version the pi zero w

More details about this version can be find here :

The usage of this version is quite interesting for many reasons :

  • The size, really tiny.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth already included
  • Linux distro installation really easy and well described on many website. Nothing new here.
  • The electric consumption of the compute/memory/storage is around 120ma and can be reduce if we remove Hdmi later on (once installation done). This mean that for a all day long we will consume around 3A that can be managed by a classic bicycle battery 12v 7a/H + tiny solar panel. ( to be proof by real life tests)

Steps to be done currently :

In parallel to that, we will store below the scripts made (may be stored at the end in git repo)

- Script corner. -->

For any contact you can reach us on IRC on freenode on #openbeelab.

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